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Can I order your loaders in other colors than you have on your website?
  We are able to anodize the speed loaders, bedside blocks, and range blocks in custom colors in house. View our Color Options to see if we have your color in stock. Since this process is custom and it takes more time, the fee will be higher. This will be per piece as noted on the Color Options page.
Can you make my loaders release in the opposite direction?
  This is something we do not want to change. The success of many shooters using and becoming faster with the speed loaders tells us our release direction is good. We encourage you to try our loaders and practice with them. We know you'll find you are faster as well.
Do you offer military, veterans, or police discounts?
  NOTICE: We are currently not setup to offer a discount on the new system. We hope to have this available in December 2015.
We appreciate you serving in the military or the police force. To get your discount, first you will need to register on our site. Then, we will need proof of active/inactive status in military/police force or send us an email from a valid military or police email address and we will add that discount to your account. To receive your discount, your order subtotal must be more than $50.
How can I order a loader you do not make yet?
  We are always looking to expand the 5 Star Firearms line. Request the dimension sheet via the contact page. Choose Technical Assistance for the Department and once you fill that out and return it to us, we will look into manufacturing one for your model.
I own a retail location and would like to sell your products. What is the process?
  Due to the current volume of dealers, we are not accepting any new dealers at this time.
Why do your loaders release in the opposite direction as other brands?
  We have found this is a faster maneuver for your fingers. As with anything else, the more you practice, the better you will be. Most speed competition shooter have found they shaved time off once they switched to the 5 Star Firearms brand. Our recommended steps are listed below.

  • Holding the firearm in your right hand, you release the cylinder.

  • Hold the cylinder steady with your right index finger.

  • Insert the speed loader with your left hand.

  • Twist the post with your left index finger and thumb.

  • Close the cylinder and fire.